Short animation inspired by studio Ghibli, dedicated for my 3 year old niece.

I’ve used Procreate 5 to paint the backgrounds and design the title logo. And Clip Studio Paint EX for everything else from character to camera animation to audio.

I started animating at 12FPS but the camera pan ended up jittering, so I switched to 24FPS midways. My first attempt to animate the girl went way off the original design. It was challenging to keep it consistent so I went back and redraw the girl thinking of shape volumes, then I referenced it for drawing each frame. And yet it didn’t look the exact.

The original staging was to have one background with the camera straight on, but I loved the title scene from Howl’s Moving Castle where the title appears and camera start panning down towards the city, as we see the steam train moving along… I was inspired to do something similar here.

I wanted to add cast shadows and emphasize the lighting more, but I’ve already exceeded the time frame I put for this little project so I decided to call it a “good start”.

In the upcoming animations, I’ll pay more attention to the principles and key frames ahead of time, before diving in straight.

Hope you enjoy it!

Animation Test
Background 1 process
Background 2 process